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Excuse us here as we mix a few metaphors and take the red and/or the blue pill and go down the rabbit hole and expose and stare down the man behind the curtain. But we ain’t got no little puppy dog tugging at that curtain. We’ve got foaming-at-the-mouth, red-eyed werewolves ripping it to shreds! Montgomery Burns / Mr.Potter / Dick Cheney / Palmer Eldritch / Darth Vader and the Illuminatistic / NeoConnistic / fascistic / incestuous / warmongering / canniballistic / profiteering / vampiristic cabal will most certainly try to skulk away from the light…. of truth. But we’ll continue exposing….

Then a funny thing happened on the way down the rabbit hole…. The notion occurred that we were dreaming, that we had created the man behind the curtain. …if only we could wake up. But wait: It’s our dream! Let’s transform the monsters! This involves accepting our own shadow without becoming overwhelmed (Thanks Mack and Carl). That is ultimately more powerful than those in shadow denial who ARE overwhelmed and therefore project it outward. Now we have to: Accept our power. “People have the power” (Thanks Patti). Finally, come back Out The Rabbit Hole and share the wisdom with the tribe. Start spreading the word!!

Cartoon Pleroma Archives

1.22.04 – Peter Jordan (Real Audio)
on Contactee Howard Menger, Mind Kontrol, UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, Black Helicopters… With Guest CoHost Greg Bishop and special appearance by Peter Stenshoel
Part One cp042201a.rm
Part Two cp042201b.rm

11.26.00 – Featuring Mack White (Real Audio)
On underground comics, Mind Control conspiracies, mystery religions, mythology and MORE!
Part One cp112600a.rm
Part Two cp112600b.rm
Part Three cp112600c.rm

cp001126 a mp3 cp001126a.mp3
cp001126 b mp3 cp001126b.mp3
cp001126 c mp3 cp001126c.mp3

7.2.00 – Featuring Kenny Ausubel (Real Audio)
On his book and film about The Hoxsey Cancer Treatment saga.
Part One cp070200a.rm
Part Two cp070200b.rm

Kenny Ausubel Hoxsey Cancer 1 mp3 cpKennyAusubelHoxseyCancer1.mp3
Kenny Ausubel Hoxsey Cancer 2 mp3 cpKennyAusubelHoxseyCancer2.mp3

4.5.99 – Featuring Fred Alan Wolf (Real Audio)
On Soul, Mind & Spirit.
Part One cp040599a.rm
Part Two cp040599b.rm

Fred Alan Wolf 990405a mp3 cpFredAlanWolf990405a.mp3
Fred Alan Wolf 990405b mp3 cpFredAlanWolf990405b.mp3

2.15.99 – Featuring Paul Williams on Philip Kindrid Dick (Real Audio)
Part One cp021599a.rm
Part Two cp021599b.rm

Paul Williams PKD1 mp3 cpPaulWilliamsPKD1.mp3
Paul Williams PKD2 mp3 cpPaulWilliamsPKD2.mp3

12.7.98 – Featuring David Pursglove (Real Audio)
Editor of Zen & The Art of Close Encounters and organizer of the New Being Project & New Being Seminars.
Part One cp120798a.rm
Part Two cp120798b.rm

Guest hosted by Robert Larson & Greg Bishop Featuring SMiles Lewis Discussing everything from Parapsychology to Parapolitics, Mind to UFOs.
Part One hg082398a.rm
Part Two hg082398b.rm

9.3.98 – Featuring SMiles Lewis (Real Audio)
On Dreams, Lucidity, Altered States of Consciousness, Psychedelics, Sleep Paralysis, Out of Body/Astral Voyages, Dream Swapping, Shared Near Death Experiences, Parapsychology and Much More.
Part One cp090398a.rm
Part Two cp090398b.rm
Part Three cp090398c.rm
Part Four cp090398d.rm

7.9.98 – Featuring Dr. William Cone (Real Audio)
One of the authors of the highly controversial book, The Abduction Enigma (with co-authors Kevin Randle & Russ Estes) and author of Alien Rape,speaking on his work and research with people he believes suffer from sleep paralysis but who believe themselves to be abductees.
Part One =cp070998a.rm
Part Two cp070998b.rm

7.9.98 – William Cone (MP3)
William Cone 980709a
William Cone 980709b

4.10.98 – Featuring SMiles Lewis
Part One cp041098a.rm
Part Two cp041098b.rm
Part Three cp041098c.rm

Mike Lindemen Mike Lindemen MP3

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