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If you ask most people to name important folk protest records of the sixties, they probably wouldn’t name something by Johnny Cash — or even think of Johnny Cash as a folk protest singer. But Cash did record an album that certainly fits that bill. And those who are aware of it, do acknowledge its power and intensity. It, however, has remained obscure for all these decades. The reasons for that are part of a larger fascinating and compelling story full of controversy and drama. It’s all captured in a wonderful new book called “A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears.” Hear a discussion with the author, Antonino D’Ambrosio.

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KUCI: Out the Rabbit Hole

A talk with Les Leopold about his book “The Looting of America: How Wall Street’s Game of Fantasy Finance Destroyed Our Jobs, Pensions, and Prosperity — And What We Can Do About It.”

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KUCI: Out the Rabbit Hole

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