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Stephenie Hendricks interview on The Divine Destruction of the Dominionists

Stephenie Hendricks Interview – Why worry about global warming or any other environmental concerns when it’s all going to end soon? In fact, if we quicken the pace of the environmental destruction, it could hasten the return of the Lord.

It began as a simple investigation into environmental policy in the Sierra Nevadas. But what journalist Stephenie Hendricks uncovered turned out to be a far bigger story, the ramifications of which affect the entire globe. Hendricks discovered that the development of American environmental policy in the Bush administration is being driven by Dominion Theologists-far-right Christian ideologues who believe that by exhausting our natural resources they will hasten the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Known in policy circles as the wise-use doctrine, the theory is startling enough in implication, but even more chilling in practice-some officials say the Bush administration did not sign the Kyoto Accord on fighting global warming because it was against God’s prophecies.

And as Hendricks investigates the Dominion Theologists’ power within the government and profiles some of its leading proponents, she reveals where their funding comes from and charts their regular intersection with the mining and logging industries, real estate developers, off-road vehicle manufacturers, and even The Walt Disney Company. She also tells the often frightening story of those people who dare to resist their policies-for example, the retiree who challenged the destruction of a national forest near her home only to have her life threatened.

Divine Destruction is, in short, an in-depth look at the radical remaking of American environmental policy already underway-in terrifying secret.

Stephenie Hendricks is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist with a 35-year career working for mainstream and progressive media. She has worked for ABC Radio, CBS TV San Francisco, and is currently a PacificaRadio producer.


A simple investigation into environmental policy in the Sierra Nevadas turned out to be a far bigger story: Bush’s environmental policy is being driven by biblical fundamentalists who believe exhausting natural resources will hasten the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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