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It is a stran?ge disab?ility? of many human?s to be able to take the wrong?ful actio?ns of a small? group? of peopl?e and illog?icall?y and anti-?intel?lectu?ally extra?polat?e that EVERY?BODY who sha…

Oh yes, I believe in indulging all the senses to the fullest extent that the law, sanity and survival will allow. Sometimes, though, it is desirable to contemplate desire for a bit before satiating th…

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I’ve walked down a strange twisted path, thumbing my nose at convention, sneaking in and out the back door, defining love, art and other notions on my terms, looking behind the curtain, desacralizing …

Strange Twisted Path

Enchantment: That’s all we want — those of us who haven’t numbed ourselves out too much with whatever banal distraction is the flavor of the day. We just want a little of that beautiful mystery, laden…


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