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lost highwayit was dark outso I knewthere you’d belike meanother lost soulsearchingfor the lightwhile revelingin the darknesssearching foreverythingsearching fornothinghoping anydivine sparkcoul…

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Now you can take the Blue Pill by Tuning In to a Radio Show designed to help us back “Out of the Rabbit Hole” so we can fix the problems exposed by the New Awareness.

Out of the Rabbit Hole – Reality Slamming Gab & Jamming w/ Right Rev. Deputy Bob, Fridays, 5:00pm-6:00pm Pacific Time.

A weekly radio interview / talk show — KUCI in Irvine, CA — broadcasting at 88.9 FM in Orange County, CA — streaming worldwide at Audio archives of my show interviews can be found at KuciTalk. I can also be heard at On this show, WE EXPOSE TOXIC CONTRIVED REALITIES AND EXPLORE ENCHANTED ONES.

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Taking The Flag Back

From The Fascists

Status: Swinger

General Books and movies about alternative realities, Gnosticism, and altered states of consciousness. Progressive politics, para-politics, roots music of all kinds, strange road trips, artists with “funny,” odd or disturbing insights from Dali, Blake, Pollock, and Magritte to Giger, Mark Ryden, Mack White, and Robert Williams, folklore, forteana, Americana, Californiana, desert lore, The Salton Sea, lucid dreaming…. 

About Me

I host a weekly rado talk show called “Out The Rabbit Hole.” I’m also a writer who occasionally gets something published. My checkered past also includes a stint as a singer in a punk rock band. Always happy to have new adventures through creative endeavors, music, travel, and meeting people.


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Excuse us here as we mix a few metaphors and take the red and/or the blue pill and go down the rabbit hole and expose and stare down the man behind the curtain. But we ain’t got no little puppy dog tugging at that curtain. We’ve got foaming-at-the-mouth, red-eyed werewolves ripping it to shreds! Montgomery Burns / Mr.Potter / Dick Cheney / Palmer Eldritch / Darth Vader and the Illuminatistic / NeoConnistic / fascistic / incestuous / warmongering / canniballistic / profiteering / vampiristic cabal will most certainly try to skulk away from the light…. of truth. But we’ll continue exposing….

Then a funny thing happened on the way down the rabbit hole…. The notion occurred that we were dreaming, that we had created the man behind the curtain. …if only we could wake up. But wait: It’s our dream! Let’s transform the monsters! This involves accepting our own shadow without becoming overwhelmed (Thanks Mack and Carl). That is ultimately more powerful than those in shadow denial who ARE overwhelmed and therefore project it outward. Now we have to: Accept our power. “People have the power” (Thanks Patti). Finally, come back Out The Rabbit Hole and share the wisdom with the tribe. Start spreading the word!!

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Anomaly Radio
LIVE Thursdays 6-7pm CST
Recasts Weekdays 6-7pm CST

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